The Benefits of Being Variable

Improve Response Rates - Personalize your direct marketing pieces by audience, region and demographics and watch response rates soar.

Increase ROI - You send fewer pieces to a more targeted audience, but content is relevant and personalized which drives higher results.

Speedy Turnaround - You reduced the time it takes to create campaigns by using dynamic page composition and digital printing to quickly alter content, images and colors within a common template.

Communicate Better - Your marketing efforts can be highly relevant to your target audiences, so you communicate better, acquire more customers, and develop customer loyalty.

How Variable Information Print Works

Variable print is quite a simple process. The difference between variable vs. traditional is that the majority of setup is in strategy and data anaylsis/development rather than on layout and design. Once the variable campaign has been designed, it can be recycled over and over again, diminishing setup costs with each use. This is because it is actually the data driving the creation of the print work.

Though each piece is individually personalized, all documents can be branded in accordance with your company's taste and company style guide. Direct mail, customer loyalty programs, catalogues, newsletters, stock reports, postcards, sales collateral or any kind of inquiry and response program are all practical applications for variable data printing.

Making Good Things Better!

The key to success with variable-data publishing is applying it to the right system for your needs. Through the combination of strong visual presentation with sound marketing ability, our efforts can help you achieve your desired results. In addition, we give you the freedom of choosing full-services or working within your existing creative team to keep as much work as possible in-house. If you own digital publishing equipment, you can even run the jobs in-house. We would love to meet and discuss how you can merge variable technology with your communication strategy. All initial meetings are offered completely free of charge, so there is nothing to lose!

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